The Story Behind Us


For years, our coaching staff has been on their own individual paths in the fitness industry working with clients and athletes of all walks of life better themselves.  Through this experience, we have come to realize that everyone has very unique gifts and talents to offer the world and they should be highlighted and celebrated.  Nicole uses a life motto of “HONOR YOUR GIFTS”, which reminds us all to do just that.  Get up everyday with the intention to HONOR the gifts and talents that were given specifically to us by God.  Each of us can work on finding a way to use these gifts to better our own lifestyle and the lifestyle of others around us.      

From this abstract idea of honoring your gifts grew the concrete structure Honor Your Barbell - a fitness facility where everyone’s desire to use, and continue to better, their physical capabilities is encouraged.  Age, gender, physical capability, and lifestyle are never limiting factors. We all have a goal we are looking to reach, and we can all put our gifts out on the table to help each other get there! Everyone has unique strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the world.  Here at HONOR YOUR BARBELL, we are constantly working together on those three aspects to BE BETTER - in fitness, in nutrition, and in life!


About Our Staff

Brenton Roggow   Co-Owner // Member Development // General Physical Preparedness

Brenton Roggow
Co-Owner // Member Development // General Physical Preparedness

Brenton grew up in North Platte, Nebraska. He played football at Evangel University from 2005-2010 graduating with a degree in Electronic Media. He went on to coach at 3 different CrossFit facilities over a 5 year span before returning to Evangel to be the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the football team from 2015-2017. Brenton has been focused on constantly improving as a coach and providing the best programming and training experience to his clients. He is a specialist in GPP programming and injury recovery, and prides himself on having those athletes come back to be stronger and healthier than ever before. He is passionate about the growing community that comes from fitness and loves seeing this strong support system flourish. As co-head coach and owner, Brenton brings a positive, supportive, no ego attitude to Honor Your Barbell! Outside of the gym, Brenton loves his family, faith, Patriots Football, Celtic Basketball and hunting.

Education & Certifications:
- BS Electronic Media and Communitcations
- CPR and AED Certified

Nicole Capurso   Co-Owner // Nutrition Coach // Weightlifting

Nicole Capurso
Co-Owner // Nutrition Coach // Weightlifting

Nicole was born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She grew up playing many different sports and always loved being active. Nicole attended Hofstra University from 2008-2012 on a full scholarship to play basketball. She graduated from Hofstra with a BS in Exercise Science. After school, she worked as a personal trainer for the high end luxury company Equinox Fitness Clubs as well as coached at numerous CrossFit gyms around the country all while competing at the national level in both the sport of CrossFit and the sport of Weightlifting.  In 2014, she decided to use her passion for health and fitness, her platform as a competitive athlete, and her love for writing to start Honor Your Nutrition - a remote coaching nutrition service. With Brenton's help, aspirations and visions grew from there into opening a fully functioning fitness facility - Honor Your Barbell.  She began coaching both fitness and nutrition as a full time career, and found that it seemed to be how she was called to honor the gifts she had been given.

Education and Certifications:
- BS Exercise Science
- NCSF Personal Trainer
- NCSF Sports Nutrition
- USA Weightlifting Level 1
- USA Weightlifting Certified Coach
- USA Weightlifting Athlete Development Model (youth and teens)
- Equinox Pre and Post Natal Training Certified

Tyler Chamness   Head Coach // Sports Performance

Tyler Chamness
Head Coach // Sports Performance

Tyler is from Grand Island, Nebraska. He played college football and was a defensive back at Peru State College before transferring and finishing his athletic and educational career at Nebraska Wesleyan University. In college he switched his major after transferring, to an exercise science track after realizing strength and conditioning/sports performance was his passion. Tyler credits his high school strength coach John Swanson and football coach Jeff Tomlin for the reason why he became a strength coach. Tyler models his coaching style after their's because they instilled in athletes that hard work, honor, integrity, loyalty, and commitment extend outside of the weight room and taking these core values into life and truly implementing them will bring them success in their future endeavors. Tyler brings a strong background in training high school athletes over a large spectrum of sports after working for Omaha's top strength and conditioning facility, The Xplosive Edge. Tyler has consulted with multiple high schools overseeing the set up of their strength and conditioning programs to create a structured program of safe and effective sports performance. Tyler believes in continual growth as a person and a coach to be the most effective leader he can be. When not coaching or training you can find Tyler enjoying The Office, kayaking, and specifically on Saturdays during college football season, watching his beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Education and Certifications:
- BS Health and Fitness Studies
-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
-Certified Fitness and Nutrition Specialist
-CPR & AED Certified